Volunteering In Retirement: Is It Important To You?

Article written by Jennifer Black and Dedicated Financial Solutions.

Volunteering In Retirement, Is It Important To You?

Sure you want to travel in retirement and maybe you will play more golf. But you also want to continue to contribute to society, to have a purpose.

Many people feel that retirement is a time in their lives when they will have the time to give back. Without the responsibility of children and jobs, what is going to get you out of bed in the morning? Without a purpose, retirement can be boring and even shorten your lifespan.

How do you find a charity that is a good fit for you? What are you hobbies? What do you read about in your spare time?
Do you gravitate towards articles on specific illnesses like cancer or heart disease? Consider helping with fundraising for Canadian Cancer Society or Heart & Stroke.
Are you interested in youth and programs to keep them out of trouble? Consider the Boys & Girls Clubs.
Are you interested in sports? Consider coaching.
Do you love animals? Consider helping out at the local animal shelter and donating bedding or toys.

What job experience do you have? Volunteer positions can come with specific job requirements.
Do you have experience in Sales? Consider fund raising.
Do you have management experience? Consider serving on a Board.
Do you have good organizational capabilities and love golf? Consider organizing a charity golf tournament.

Find a cause you are passionate about. Find a charity that supports that cause. Speak to other volunteers for that charity to find out if they have a need for the type of skills that you possess.

Where is the best place to do your research? Try the internet for lists of charities in your area that are related to a cause you can be passionate about. Try social media to hear other people’s experiences, and to find out the needs of the organization. Or use the old fashioned way, talk to your friends, neighbours and relatives. They may surprise you with some stories of volunteer work they are involved in.

Giving back to one’s community requires more than a passion for making a difference in the world. It can require a huge amount of time, energy and, sometimes, money. However, the payoff for volunteering for a cause you are passionate about can be substantial and worth the effort.

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