We don’t hesitate to refer clients to DFS Private Wealth, and one reason is that Jennifer and Janet provide a key element our clients are looking for: comprehensive, all-inclusive service for one fee, so clients are never surprised by hidden costs. That’s really important. Another thing that sets DFS apart is that they really take a family approach to the planning process – it’s not just about investment returns (although their investment performance has been very good). They work with their clients to build an understanding of what is important in each client’s life, including family and business concerns, and create clear, customized roadmaps to help clients reach their goals.

Though DFS Private Wealth looks closely at tailoring portfolio construction based on client goals, their wide-ranging service also includes overall estate planning and ensuring that clients are fully up to date with elements like wills and powers of attorney. DFS can quickly call on allied experts to help clients with these matters, but does so only when necessary, so clients never feel as though they are being endlessly – and expensively – referred to yet another service provider. When DFS refers to other experts, clients truly feel it’s because Janet and Jennifer are advocating for them and looking after their best interests.

DFS Private Wealth has great people. Janet’s and Jennifer’s skills complement each other and provide a wider balanced perspective. Because they are not just advisors but also business owners themselves, they understand first-hand the issues relevant to business owners and know how to work with them. And they are backed up by a knowledgeable team that provides excellent customer service – clients have told us they genuinely feel that the DFS staff cares and wants to help. This is a team that does what it says it will do and always finishes what it starts.

So why do we refer clients to DFS Private Wealth? Simple: our clients tell us they’ve never worked with anyone better.

– Adher Consulting Business Consulting Services