Retirement Financial Planners in Mississauga

Are you anxious about the current economic news? Consulting a financial professional should make you feel more confident.

The Dedicated Financial Solutions/Manulife Securities team of Janet Baccarani and Jennifer Black are committed to helping clients make informed decisions about their finances. Both have solid credentials and regularly attend courses and conferences to maintain up-to-date knowledge of the industry. In addition, they are personally mentored by Canadian billionaire and philanthropist Michael Lee-Chin, and are able to implement his proven strategies to create wealth for their clients.

Those at retirement age will have different financial goals than young people who are just starting out in life. Janet and Jennifer can guide them through the transitions from one financial life stage to the next. They can help a young family through the purchase of their first home, or with starting an education savings plan. As a family grows, Janet and Jennifer will determine how much insurance protection is needed, help to minimize taxes overall, and adjust the financial plan to meet their retirement income goals. Janet and Jennifer will convert retirement savings into a stream of income and adjust for the changing needs of estate planning. Dedicated Financial Solutions/Manulife Securities can provide financial planning services for multiple generations of one family.

Janet and Jennifer share knowledge with their clients to help them better understand how their finances can work for them, and to help them make appropriate choices. Dedicated Financial Solutions adds useful information for retirement planning to their website. Through newsletters, emails and podcasts, Janet and Jennifer offer helpful tips that clarify a wide variety of financial subjects such as financial products, wealth creation strategies, advice for debt reduction, and more.

If you are looking for Retirement Financial Planners in the Mississauga area, then the Dedicated Financial Solutions/Manulife Securities team is the right choice.

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