Private Wealth Management: What Is It?

Article written by Jennifer Black and Dedicated Financial Solutions.

What is Private Wealth Management?

It’s often true that the greater your net worth, the wider the range of wealth management and financial advisory services you require. Private wealth management is highly personalized service that focuses specifically on the complex services you need to manage your assets and achieve your goals.

The best private wealth managers will look at how you can build your assets to reach your goals, manage your money and other aspects of your financial life effectively and efficiently to minimize taxes, protect your assets from the many risks they face, and help you transition your legacy to future generations exactly the way you want.

Private wealth management is not just about investing your money to get high returns. A wealth management expert will help you clarify your goals and structure your investments, insurance, cash flow, trusts, philanthropy and more to meet those goals. The services your wealth manager provides should include personalized private banking, sophisticated investment advice and management, comprehensive retirement planning, insightful tax planning, forward-looking estate planning and intelligent insurance guidance. You should also expect your wealth manager to connect you with other professionals you may need to consult, such as lawyers and accountants, or work with those you already have.

To get the best comprehensive advice, you need a money manager who specializes in private wealth management. Top-quality wealth management looks at your whole financial picture, not just your investments, and will consider the long-term benefit of your family. This broad view can be achieved only be meeting with you and gaining a thorough understanding of your unique financial needs and goals and your specific situation. You should also expect your private wealth manager to provide ongoing service – this is not a “set it and forget it” process. Continuity is an important part of private wealth management.

The team of professionals at award-winning Dedicated Financial Solutions in Mississauga provides the type of highly personalized, specialized private wealth management services that individuals and families at your level require. Talk to them today about how they can help you structure and protect your wealth to meet your goals.

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