MBOT's "Lessons From Sport For Your Business"

I was asked to speak at the MBOT session on transferable skills from sport to business. I don’t think I had really ever thought about this in detail and just how many skills I had learned from being a top athlete. The number of skills that can be seen as transferable is a lengthy list.

I had always thought that I would be able to be successful at anything I put my mind to. Thinking about that in more depth that confidence probably comes from being an athlete and although everyone can have set backs or “failures” overall success is measured in different ways and differently by each person.

Having learned a lot since getting into business and over the years growing the business I have learned a lot and developed any skills I may have had from athletics to be able to apply them as needed to business.

Hope you enjoy this short video of the speaking session.

Lessons from Sport MBOT video pic


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