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TORONTO, April 12, 2012 – ELITETM Advisor has welcomed Jennifer Black & Janet Baccarani, Senior Financial Advisors & Certified Financial Planners, with Dedicated Financial Solutions and Manulife Securities Incorporated, to the ELITETM Advisor Program. ELITETM distinguishes financial advisors who can demonstrate a track record of service excellence. Ms. Black & Ms. Baccarani are among the first financial advisors in Canada to successfully complete and pass the independent qualification for the ELITETM Advisor Program.
ELITETM advisors have successfully passed a rigorous and objective assessment of their practice across a variety of dimensions – professional services check, service offering review and client feedback review. The results show that Ms. Black & Ms. Baccarani have met or exceeded expectations for Client Satisfaction, Client Priorities and Client Contact.
The ELITETM Advisor Program is the measure of service excellence that will help investors gain confidence and peace of mind confirming that their advisor is one of the best in the industry.

Jennifer Black’s ELITETM Advisor profile can be viewed HERE
Janet Baccarani’s ELITETM Advisor profile can be viewed HERE
ELITETM offers educational tools and services to investors and advisors to help create more successful financial relationships. Please visit to learn more.

About the ELITETM Advisor Program

ELITETM is an unbiased program that evaluates and distinguishes the best financial advisors for their service excellence. For further information Click Here.

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