Disability Insurance

Disability insurance is cost-effective protection for business owners and employees and offer many features.

  • Guaranteed Renewable Protection to Age 65 ensures that as you pay your required premiums, we can’t raise your rates, add restrictions, cancel your policy, or reduce your benefits.
  • Quality Definitions determine when and if a claim will be paid; typically a “regular occupation” definition for 5 years then “reasonable occupation” protection.
  • Optional Partial or Residual Disability Covers you if you are able to work but only in a limited capacity.
  • You can qualify for benefits and the days of disability don’t have to be consecutive.
  • Automatic Coverage Enhancements increase your policy amount by 3% each year to keep pace with inflation.
  • Non-occupational disability guarantees how your claim will be handled if you are on leave or on sabbatical.
  • The Premium Refund Rider provides premium refunds every 3 years if you make few or no claims to help bring down insurance cash.
  • Liberal Integration of Benefits is a method that helps you receive higher benefits in certain cases.
  • The Own Occupation Rider pays full benefits if you can’t do your regular job for specialized professionals.
  • The Health Protection Rider is for medical and dental professionals that practice invasive procedures, and protect your income if you choose to stop performing your duties because of a risk of infecting patients.
  • The Sale of Business Benefit is for business owners forced to sell their business because of a disability and reimburses you for some expenses.
  • Benefits are tax-free if premiums are paid with after-tax income.

As you can see, there are many features to protect business owners and employees with disability.

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