Case Study: Raymond and Family

A couple in their 70s came to us because the husband, Raymond, looked after the investments for them and for their two adult daughters. Raymond had some health issues and realized that he may not be around forever to handle everything. They came to us because they realized that we would spend the time to help educate his wife and daughters and guide them. We had many meetings with the family and helped them implement better estate planning. We made recommendations for each person’s will. We have worked through their budget with them to show his wife how she will have enough money to live on for the rest of her life and how her investments will generate the cash flow she needs. The youngest daughter is single with no children and wants to retire early. We spent time with her to create a retirement plan, showing her the amount she needs to save every year to achieve her goals for her retirement lifestyle. She was not on track for when she wanted to be able to retire, so over a series of meetings we helped her create smaller goals to get her on a realistic path. We spend a lot of time in meetings with Raymond and his wife, educating and answering questions. When they leave she always says that she knows we will look after her if something happens to Raymond. Also, Raymond is very detail oriented and frequently calls or emails to ask questions about his investments and about the administration of their accounts. Our staff provide very prompt responses to help him understand because his memory isn’t as good as it used to be. He is a man that has always looked after the women in his family and is putting his trust in us to look after his family when he may no longer be able to. It’s a difficult decision to pass this responsibility over to us, and we are honoured by the trust Raymond and his family have placed in us.

Raymond’s testimonial:

We have great confidence in the DFS Private Wealth team. Their strategy in the investment planning is very good and is in step with our investment ideas. We have had several other well-known investment advisors and none of them measure up to our expectations, where the group at DFS Private Wealth does. Over the years DFS Private Wealth recommendations have proven to be a good strategy and fit for us and our daughters. We have been more than pleased with the quick and reliable responses we have received from Jennifer, Janet and their qualified staff. All at DFS Wealth Management have addressed our concerns very promptly. We were amazed as this had not been happening in the past with other larger companies. When we call, we get a real live person to talk to, not an artificial voice. They also take into consideration the income tax situation whenever they recommend a change. Knowing their past history, we have put a lot of confidence in them relieving some of the stress on us. One of my biggest concerns was to have someone look after the finances for my wife if I am not able to. I have confidence DFS Private Wealth will fulfill that duty very well. We would recommend them in the future. In fact, we have referred several people to DFS Private Wealth. At DFS Private Wealth they make us feel they really are there for us and put us at ease.

– Raymond & the BOSS

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